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Man, growing up with your Birthday songs is getting tougher every year. Despite that, I love 'em, so please keep 'em coming!

Awesome! Art and voice acting is superb, and an intriguing plot. I was waiting for you to upload it on Newgrounds so I could rate it. I'm looking forward for the next one! Great work!

Good work on the animation. The mixture and changes of the art style throughout the episode is a nice touch, and it mantains the attention of the viewer. Sadly, that won't make your show stick out from the rest, what would be a pity, since I would love to see this series developing it's own fandom.

My main problem is with the writing and the music. The characters are way too cliché, so are their reactions, it looks like you're plagiarising every anime ever. Not that I have a problem, and if it's what you want to do go ahead, but it makes the characters lose appeal, in my opinion. The dialogues, well, the aforementioned statement it's applicable. All in all, I think you should put more personality into the characters and the dialogues. You already have your own style in the art section, why not give it a go on the writing.

I like how you have envisioned it as a animated comic, we don't see a lot of that nowadays (even less taking into account you are doing this pretty much on your own).

On the other hand, I think you went too far on using videogame songs. Even though the music is very good, and all of us veiwers recognize many (or all) of the tracks, it gives away the opportunity to feel that we are watching something new. It can be

In conclusion, seems promising, and I'm looking forward to chapter 2. Very keen on the art, not so much on the writing, and would love to hear music that I haven't heard before next time.

Good job and good luck!

PD: I apologize if something sounds weird or I have commited some kind of mistake, English is not my first language.

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Good metaphor, but please at least signal somehow that the game has ended, it can drive nuts completionists.

Great puzzle concept, good ambient music, terrible flaw: if you make a puzzle game based on steps, you must always let the player know if they can still complete a level in less steps, so that more competitive players continue motivated. I love step-based puzzles, but not knowing if I can finish a level in less steps is bugging me. Just some indicator that the level can be completed in less moves would be enough. Except what I've just said, good game.

Sir, you are a genius. I have no bad comments for this game. Good mechanics, strong storyline, lots of exploration, hard gameplay, all incredibly entwined, giving to the player the feeling that is an incredible game, an enormous adventure and a difficult task to accomplish.

From my point of view, you gave a present to humanity not only by making this game, but also by letting us play this FOR FREE. I would have paid for playing this game. I only write reviews when I abhor a game or when I love it. And I think there is no doubt this time that the second option is the one guiding my hands on the keyboard.

Let's analyse the game seriously: the art. Pixel art, transmiting the gold ages of the retro era, but also letting you obvserve the high quality of the whlo piece in its complete form. Astonishing backgrounds, every detail has been carefully prepared.

The mechanics: masterfully created, with all the items, the equipment, the puzzles and the combat. Every weapon can be used to kill whatever enemy you want. The fact that a slingshot that you found right when you start the game can still be used for the weak enemies when you are reaching the end is very rewarding. You feel that every piece of equipment is much more valuable that you first thought. The fact that you aren't usually wealthy allows you to think carefully what are you going to buy.

The music: I was studying music for 8 years, so I think I can say without a doubt that the music, apart from being VERY good, fits every part of the game perfectly.

The storyline: Gripping! I think that's the best word to define it. if you made a game about the war that ocurred before this story, you would make yourselves (refering to the team that made this game) famous in Newgrounds! or even in the history of flash games. Taking into account that it would be as good as this game is.

This has been my longest review on Newgrounds, but I had to write al those things. I repeat: sir, you are a genius.

By the way, for those who want to mute the game (what I would consider not enjoying the game completely, as you won't be able to hear the spectacular music), if you press the space key, you can control the sound and turn into fullscreen, apart from other options.

Thank you for making this game.

PD: I'm sorry if something sounds a bit strange, but English is not my mother tongue, I'm still learning!

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Wow, I love it, and how I got here is completely random. My sister sent me a game one of her friends was programming for college, it was Adventure Time - themed, and the overworld music was this song. Awesome stuff!

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Amazing, as usual. You are an inspiration to any aspiring pixel artist!

ScepterDPinoy responds:

I think each awesome pixel artists have unique style that reflects their way. :)
This pixel art is inspired by a hi res fighting game but using original style for my mockups.

Wow, the backstory and the art piece are both equally awesome. But... why is he prepared to push that button beneath him? Is all that trust just a facade?

jouste responds:


that's just a coin. he's balanced the economy so well that there's one coin left over and he's contemplating the most fair way to distribute it.


Love it! One of my favourites from you!

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